Hey my name is Jamie Henderson and I am the culmination of every member of the grossly talented and ever timeless rock group, Steal Panther. Once I broke free from the fifth circle of Hell, I saw a small spec of light and clawed my way toward it. Realizing only after the fact that I had crawled my way out of my mother’s womb and into upstate NY(and I thought Hell was bad!). I have traveled around a good deal, but I set my roots in NY and this is where I first opened my shop. Back in 2015 I moved the shop to Milford, PA but personally still reside in NY.

The moment that sparked this passion turned career was when I found a local guy who at the time (and without and research or education of the subject) I thought was a great tattoo artist. He started working on my forearms and after a few sittings I started to think that this didn’t look so hard. I became very interested and could definitely see myself doing this for a living. After all, ever since I was a little kid, my dream job was to sit around and draw all day. This was just a natural fit for me!

tattoo shop milford pa middletown ny port jervis

My heart lies with the dark side; horror, monsters, demons and the grotesque..that’s where my passion is. I really love doing black and grey, I don’t do any color any more. I have a realistic style and even enjoy portraits and flowers (believe it or not) they are extremely fun. Not many guys are whole heartedly into the horror genre, but it’s in my blood!

I have a lot of influences. It’s virtually impossible to not be influenced by the art around me, every piece that I see bears some weight on what I create.  Art is not made in a vacuum it is a product of the people and things that surround us. I’ve been drawing monsters and demons since high school. I draw a lot from what I see in my head and what I dream about.  I was once told that I have an over active imagination. I took that as a compliment and stopped fighting the things I saw which led me to go with it. Kind of enjoying the show. I still struggle with getting my exact thoughts out of my head into this world. It’s almost like there’s a block from my brain to my hands, but I keep trying and I think I should.

FUN FACTS: I don’t look my age or at least  that’s what people tell me. It’s good to know that all Satanic rituals I’ve been performing over the years have worked. Sucking the life out of children has really kept my appearance young. I love working out and eating healthy. I keep my circle small and my employees are actually my only friends but mostly because I threaten to fire them if they don’t hang out with me.

Jamie Henderson: Founder